The perfect family

maquinas de corte laser fibra combinadas sistema de corte industrial

The combination of two of our latest models of fiber laser cutting machines is the perfect solution to get cutting edge companies with a high level of production.

The Smartline 3015 and the Dynamicline 1530 managed by the latest generation software “Promanager 4.0” from TCI Cutting allow the digital transformation of your business and integration into the 4.0 industry.

The maximum acceleration up to 3g, by means of linear motors, converts the Dynamicline 1530 into a highly productive fiber laser cutting machine ideal for long series and fine veneers. For its part, the Smartline Fiber, is the most flexible and accessible machine on the market. Its different configuration possibilities allow the cutting of a wide variety of materials and thicknesses in a very simple way.

The TCI cutting family of products is complete with self-loading, unloading and automatic storage systems, which make productivity multiply by automating cutting processes.