TCI Cutting, the combination of automation, software and service that ensures tailor-made factory optimization

TCI Cutting manufactures highly autonomous industrial fiber laser cutting machines and industrial automation systems, solutions in which it integrates its smart production management software to optimize machines and automation systems performance and also to take control of the entire production plant in a digital environment.

The software enables total transparency of the production flow by providing a multitude of data in real time to the general management of the company, the plant manager, the cutting operator, the workplaces and any other worker in the factory. The production cycle tracking is transversal, and covers the generation of offers, the budgeting and ordering, the planning with a comprehensive traceability, production, stock control, integration between systems, expedition and sales, as well as the business intelligence module, all remote and from any device. This translates into fast and accurate data-driven decision making with the goal of increasing 360º productivity rates, thanks to the digitization of all processes in a smart factory environment, for complete control and simplification of plant tasks and processes.

In the words of Salva Martí, Managing Director of TCI Cutting, “Each client has its own production process with very specific stages, substages and tasks in each case. No two customers are alike. Our experts are responsible for analyzing each peculiarity and developing proposals to maximize profits, streamline processes, reduce factory movements and automate non-productive and repetitive tasks in a digital environment“.

These solutions are complemented by a 24/7 predictive service, in person and remotely, which ensures maximum factory uptime and extends the life of assets.

The diversity of automation systems includes, among others, loading, unloading, storage, robotic palletising, smart sorting or AMR (autonomous mobile robots) that transport semi-finished parts throughout the factory so as to automate and optimize the logistics flow.

According to Salva Martí, “Our tailor-made automation solutions guarantee the perfect execution of tasks and processes in the production plant, reorient the workforce towards highly productive tasks and allow the complete autonomy of the entire process gaining competitiveness, cost efficiency, flexibility and productivity“.

TCI Cutting with factory and showroom in Valencia, is a world referent in the manufacture of laser and water cutting machines, tailor-made and scalable intelligent automation systems, as well as smart production management software for autonomous and strategic decision making and accompanies customers in their digital transformation processes and optimization of their cutting factories on their way to a Smart Factory.