Precitec and TCI Cutting technology partners in laser cutting to provide high productivity in factories

The German company Precitec, world leader in manufacturing of systems solutions in laser cutting and welding, and the Spanish company TCI Cutting, world referent in the manufacture of laser and waterjet cutting machines, tailor-made automation solutions and intelligent production management software are technological partners in their commitment to high productivity in factories.

The historical collaboration between both companies has always been focused on the objective of improving the results of customers by helping them to achieve optimal results combining among other variables, maximum cutting performance, power, productivity, efficiency and profitability.

From this cooperation arise fiber laser cutting machines of TCI Cutting, such as the Dynamicline Fiber 20 kW with 4G maximum acceleration, carbon fiber bridge and linear motors, with the high power laser ProCutter 2.0 cutting head of Precitec. This is a highly productive machine that meets the most demanding cutting needs of the market in 24/7. The high real-time communication performance between the cutting machine and the head allows the information to be processed at the same time as it is generated, offering very high kinematic performance and excellent cutting quality.

Precitec’s high power head integrated into the high-end Dynamicline Fiber machine is highly suitable for high thickness cutting needs such as stainless steel and aluminum up to 50 mm or thin thickness cuts ranging from 1 to 15 mm, as well as nitrogen gas cuts that achieve a great increase in cutting speed and prevent oxidation of the material. The high power combined with productivity are also of interest in large-format cuts where TCI Cutting offers its Speedline Fiber machine with flat cut (2D) and bevel cut option (2D1½). The machines can also be optimised by the integration of automation solutions for loading, unloading, storage and intelligent sorting of parts.

TCI Cutting with factory and showroom in Valencia (Spain) is a world referent in the manufacture of laser and waterjet cutting machines, tailor-made and scalable intelligent automation systems, as well as intelligent production management software for autonomous and strategic decision-making (TCI Manager) and accompanies customers in their digital transformation processes and optimization of their cutting factories on their way to a Smart Factory.