Spaceline Fiber, the intelligent 3D laser cutting solution.

TCI Cutting Spaceline Fiber 3D cutting laser machine.TCI Cutting customers can now see our new 3D fiber laser cutting system in full operation. The Spaceline FIber opens a whole world of cutting possibilities thanks to its infinite cutting head. The machine fully robotized system facilitates the production of very complex cuts since it positions the piece at the correct angles.

The powerful arm that holds the five axes cutting head or 3D allows cutting with multiple angles the same piece, with more than 1G acceleration and from 1 to 3 kilowatts powers ranging (up to 6 kW special).

Its versatility and countless possible configurations make the Spaceline machine adaptable to any sector needs.The 700-millimeter Z-axis travel offers infinite cutting possibilities either by the robot or by the working table.

Precision cutting technology with fiber laser source is one of the most complete and intelligent systems in the market. Its digital connectivity generates a production flow with an unbeatable speed and at a minimum cost.

Spaceline Fiber 3D cutting laser head + cutting pipe robot assisted
3D cutting laser head + robot
Spaceline Fiber 3D laser cutting head, pipe cutting.
Spaceline Fiber cutting head