Emilio Mateu (CEO de TCI Cutting) as guest speaker of new academic course of the University Center EDEM

Emilio Mateu, General Manager of TCI Cutting, manufacturer of waterjet cutting machine and laser cutting machines, participated at the opening act of 2015-2016 of University Center of EDEM, where also took part, the general secretary Hortensia Roig, moderated by the Director of Center Lucia Egea.
Newspaper Las Provincias: “The opening actof academic course of center affiliated to Universitat of Valencia (UV) and Politechnical University of Valencia (UPV), which marks the beginning of oficial course 2015-2016 of Business Grade for entrepreneurs and the Grade of Engineering and Company Business, also had contribution from the General Manager of TCI Cutting and Award of Entrepreneurs Jaume I 2010, Emilio Mateu”. Read more

Newspaper Europapress: “Emilio Mateu took advantage of his function of entrepreneur and engineer to describe in his speech, titled “The world which we move”, those features are researched in the future employees who will lead companies in the industrial sector: “The must be decisive persons, with high capacity of observation, creative and flexible, and should be integrated in the world of communication, and offering a wide range of background”. Read more

Newspaper Levante-EMV: “Emilio Mateu. “ EDEM educate the students for making them to cause things occur”. Read more

Newspaper Valencia Plaza: “Emilio Mateu. There is no future without innovation and competition, in other words, without entrepreneur and engineers”. Read more

Newspaper Valencia News: “Emilio asserts that real escenario is “a global world that allows to those better trained and where competition is ravenous and productivity is most important”.

Newspaper 20 Minutos: “Emilio Mateu to students:”you will be professional employees of special operations, you will be prepared to struggle against global threat in a very efficient way. There is no future without competition and innovation, thus without entrepreneurs and engineers. The life is fight, endeavour, have fun, dreams, and achieve goals, as long as you fight and endeavour your will feel alive and with more emphasis you will live. I am fully convinced that engineers and entrepreneurs live more than rest of people”. Read more

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