BP-H Waterjet Cutter: the new series of high pressure waterjet cutting machines from TCI Cutting

The TCI Cutting BP series of high pressure waterjet cutting machines features a highly robust bridge construction, enabling large surface cutting applications.   TCI Cutting aims to continually provide the optimum solution for new industrial challenges; we combine our engineering skills and experience in the search for efficiency and productivity.

We manufacture cutting machines using technology to suit the requirements of our clients and to increase their profits.  At TCI Cutting we know that the best product combines high technology with first class service.  The Y-Axis Gantry motorized system offers both high acceleration and high speeds, thus considerably reducing operation time.

The flexibility and adaptability of our machines is the key to their competitiveness in a market which is constantly posing new challenges.  This is why TCI Cutting has developed the BP-H series of water jet cutting machines.bpH-3-waterjet

This new series features a maximum height adjustment of up to 500mm at the Z-axis, with unique versatility to suit every requirement.

The options to expand and adapt the configuration of the cutting machine to the client’s requirements are infinite.

The principal advantages of the new BP-H water jet cutting machine are as follows:

  • The new intelligent cutting head features an anti-collision system, automatic abrasive regulation, dual cutting system …
  • Modularity: offering the option to expand sections by up to 2m in length; to install up to 4 waterjet cutting heads at each bridge …
  • Waterjet and Plasma cutting combined in one single machine, plasma marking ….
  • Variety of pressures and technologies, 6500 bar intensifier pump, 4100 bar direct drive pump ..
  • The machine can be completely faired

Please do not hesitate to consult us about this product; we are ready to assist you at our premises in Valencia and to give you further information