Waterjet Technical Assistance – Laser Technical Assistance

Waterjet Technical Assistance and Laser Technical Assistance, Global Support

The TCI Cutting Waterjet Technical Assistance and Laser Technical Assistance service for high pressure water jet cutting machines and laser cutting machines is an efficient service delivered by highly qualified technicians  whose prime objective is to give the client complete after-sales satisfaction.   In addition to a rapid and effective response to emergency situations, TCI Cutting offers a wide range of other services all designed to assist our clients throughout the complete working life cycle of their cutting machines: from the initial technical assessment through to professional training courses, from our Call Center service to our spare parts section.

The TCI Cutting service network consists of a group of highly qualified expert technicians, thus ensuring that our clients receive a rapid and effective response at all times and no matter what their location.  The technical team itself frequently receives professional training in order to improve their skills. All consultations are managed using the most up to date communication systems.

TCI Call Center Service

Our clients receive rapid and competent assistance over the telephone from the TCI Cutting Call Center to resolve any problem or incident connected with our water jet or laser cutting machinesBy simply dialling the telephone number, the client will immediately be connected with a highly trained and skilled operator who will deal with the query.  All our operators are qualified technicians with specific skills in this particular field; they have been trained to combine their high-calibre technical knowledge with excellent customer communication skills.

monitor maquina corte laser, agua y plasma

On Line Assistance

TCI Online

This is an online diagnostic and assistance service. It works via a simple internet connection and applies to all TCI Cutting water jet cutting machines and laser cutting machines.  The machine itself is connected by internet to the TCI Cutting Call Center from which the specialist technicians can operate remotely the client’s numerical control system.  This service reduces downtime of the cutting machine and the number of interventions.  Should any intervention be required, the TCI Cutting service technicians will already be in possession of all the information they need to deliver the best assistance to the client.  The principal online services are as follows:

  • Monitoring of the parameters of the waterjet or laser cutting machine and detection of any errors or failures
  • Reading of the error report from the cutting machine
  • Monitoring and calibration of the parameters of the operations
  • Monitoring of the PLC program relating to the cutting machine functions via visualisation of the input and output
  • Reading, modification and writing of the work programs
  • Updating of the software versions for the cutting machines
  • Control of the parameters during the execution of a work program
  • Control, modification and updating of the waterjet or laser cutting machine calibrations
  • File transfer
  • Control and calibration of a spare part installed by the client, thus enabling management by the client’s own personnel without the need for the presence of an expert