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Technical assistance waterjet and laser, global support

The Technical Assistance Service for waterjet and laser machines of TCI Cutting, efficient and highly qualified,has as main goal the total client’s satisfaction, in addition to quick and afficient interventions in case of emergency. TCI Cutting offers a wide range of services to help its clients during the entire useful life of the cutting machine: From the technical advisory to the Call Center and the spare part service.

The waterjet, laser, plasma and bending technical assistance net of TCI Cutting integrated by a highly qualified experts, assures quick and efficient answers to customers, whenever and wherever. Customers technicians attend to multiple training programs to improve their skills and the queries are made through modern communications.

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TCI Cutting
Call Service

Through the Call Center of TCI Cutting customers can receive quick and relevant phone assistance to solve any incidence related to our waterjet or laser cutting machines.

Dial the number and you will get instantly in contact with a higly qualified and skilled operator.

All operators are qualified technicians with specific competence in all sectors able to combine optimal technical skills with an excellent communication capacity.

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Online technical assistance

Its is an online diagnostic and technical assistance service for waterjet, laser, plasma and bending . It works through a simple Internet connection and is applicable to all waterjet cutting machines and TCI Cutting laser cutting machines.

The machine is connected by Internet to the TCI Cutting Call Center, from which specialized technicians can operate remotely on the customer’s numerical control. This service reduces the downtime of the cutting machine and the number of interventions.

asistencia tecnica online


TCI Cutting
Online Assistance

In case of intervention TCI Cutting’s waterjet and laser technicians have the whole information beforehand in order to proceed the best way.

Main online operations:

  • Parameter monitoring of the waterjet or laser cutting machine and errors and failures detection
  • Errors report reading of the cutting machine
  • Monitoring and calibration of the actuation parameters
  • Monitoring of the PLC program and the functions of the cutting machine through entrances and exit s visualization
  • Reading, modification and writing of work programs
  • Update of scutting systems’ software’s versions
  • Parameters control during a work program execution
  • Control, modification and update of waterjet or laser cutting machines
  • File transfer
  • Control and calibration of a spare part replaced by a customer, allowing the action of a less expert team
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Production engineering

TCI Cutting offers an engineering service that diagnoses the optimal level of automation for your company and it guides you through the whole process of implementation in a modular way. We are your long-term technological partner.One client, one solution. Maximum quality and speed of implementation. Direct impact in ROI.

Transform your company into a Smart Factory and optimise your automation level with our Production Management Intelligent Software.

Evaluation, diagnosis and technical report by our experts.


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Contact our technical team. A specialist will contact you as soon as possible to advise you personally on everything you need.

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