TCI Manager, the production management intelligent software developed by TCI Cutting, key piece for the sheet metal transformation sector on its way to the Smart Factory

TCI Cutting, worldwide benchmark in laser and waterjet cutting machines and intelligent automation systems, is also specialized in the development of intelligent production management softwares for autonomous and strategic decision-making (TCI Manager). These softwares optimize the production plants of the industrial cutting sector through intelligent communication systems machine-machine and machine-person, in an environment of integral automation and digital transformation of cutting factories to successfully face the challenges of the future in this sector.

TCI Cutting implements this intelligent software in customers that have their laser and waterjet cutting machines or industrial cutting companies and sheet metal transformation sector, in order to help them strengthen their businesses in the face of highly changing and demanding markets that leave no margin for error.

The combination of multitude of data and of these combined with each other, all in real time, makes the cutting machine choose the best possible decision among all the variables, in order to minimize costs, improve response times to customers, as well as, improve product quality, in short, be up to 70% more productive by reaching an optimal level of digital interconnection within factories.

This intelligent software for process control and optimization of industrial tasks has become an outstanding lever of change for industrial companies that find it necessary to adapt to new times as soon as possible. This all in order to increase their productivity and competitiveness rates. This all also allows reducing the administrative burden by more than 60% offering the option to redirect human and financial resources towards tasks of greater strategic value for the company.

TCI Manager is multi-user, has no license limit and allows full control of permissions and access to functions and sections of the program for horizontal communication of company departments and the effective implementation of Industry 4.0 and intelligent automation. Designed in a responsive web environment, it is accessible from all types of devices, smart phones and tablets. This intelligent software is ready for teleworking allowing the user to work outside the plant safely, easily and fully adapted to the current digital environment.

In short, TCI Manager allows you to manage your own Smart Factory. Its multiple functions include making budgets, customer orders, purchase orders, delivery notes, machine maintenance management, logistics, production orders, management of structures and manufacturing routes, integration of work centers and communication with companies. machines or project management, among others. There is, for example, a module for statistics and intelligent management or another for technical service with an interactive app.

TCI Cutting is a world reference in industrial laser and water-jet-cutting machines, intelligent automation systems and production management intelligent softwares for autonomous decision-making. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, the company is committed to 100% European manufacturing. Its customers in more than 28 countries choose its intelligent cutting and automation solutions fully oriented towards their specific needs and scalable over time, in any sector.