TCI Manager, manage your own Smart Factory


Today more than ever, factories of the future need  process control and task optimization intelligent softwares. TCI Manager, production management intelligent software for autonomous decision-making, enables companies to manage their own Smart Factory, in a simple and highly effective way with results in the short term.

The implementation of this software implies a clear commitment to an innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use planning system in order to optimally reorganize the production plant and reduce the administrative burden up to 60% and increase productivity up to 50%.

Thanks to TCI Manager, the complete automation of the production process, and automated communication between production and business control systems, and optimal production management systems, are now a reality

Our software allows us to achieve optimal production process flows, the intelligent consultation of strategic information on machine maintenance, the operators productivity, materials or customers, among others. Also a horizontal communication of the company’s departments for an integral implantation of industry 4.0.

This new generation software environment, multi-user and with unlimited licenses, enables full control of permissions and accesses to the functions and sections of the program, and it is designed in a responsive web environment. TCI Manager is accessible from all kinds of Smart-phones and tablets devices and is prepared for teleworking and external works to the plant. Furthermore, the CAD-CAM integration in the management system is perfectly compatible.

Work in an intelligent environment, automating the burden of budgets preparation, references, structures and manufacturing routes and choose this intelligent software for the complete automation of the industrial company with autonomous decision-making.

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