TCI Cutting water cutting machines, the perfect solution for the aeronautical sector

The WATERJET BP-H water cutting machines, developed by TCI Cutting, are world leaders and highly valued in the market for their added value, in sectors such as aeronautics. These machines project water at a speed three times higher than that of sound. The conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy occurs, thanks to a pressure of over six thousand bars. In addition, this cutting-edge technology uses 3D cutting heads, the only patented system in the world that allows infinite rotation and maintains the focal point, thus achieving the cutting of parts with inclination angles of up to 90º and eliminating head rewinding, which increases the cutting precision. The C and A motors, which allow interpolation in space, are Direct Drive, “Direct Drive”, thus, since they do not have a 3D head reduction stage, a perfect calibration is achieved in the 5-axis system, producing precision unattainable by other cutting machines.

TCI Cutting - BP-H 3040
TCI Cutting – BP-H 3040

The machines have a robust bridge, with a standard z-height of 500 mm, with the possibility of reaching 1,000 mm, and a high-precision mechanical system thanks to its positioning + -0.05 mm / m and a repeatability of + -0.025 mm / m. All of this guarantees excellent results in terms of optimizing productivity and reducing costs, and positions this technological innovation as suitable for the aeronautical sector. As a result, machining impossible to perform by other means is cut very easily with ultra-high pressure water.

In addition, each customer can demand a flexible and adaptable solution to their needs, since the machine is customizable in dimensions. This allows it to be expanded by incorporating parts and services, as the company’s production grows and so requires. The different automation options are incorporable on customer demand, which together with intelligent production management software allows autonomous decision-making. This innovation makes TCI Cutting a trusted and long-term technology partner for its clients and companies in this sector.

In conclusion, greater productivity at your fingertips and full integration in Industry 4.0.