TCI Cutting, Mipesa Grupo and Versa Design collaborate on the success story of the intelligent bicycle for indoor training ZYCLE Smart ZBike

  • TCI Cutting world reference in the manufacture of laser and water-jet cutting machines, tailor-made automation systems and intelligent production management software
  • Versa Design, a leading company in the development of intelligent products for indoor training
  • Mipesa Grupo, a national benchmark company in the world of machining
  • Versa Design is the developer of the Zycle Smart ZBike, TCI Cutting is the manufacturer of the laser cutting machine that has cut the material and Mipesa has manufactured the product’s exclusive precision machining components

The Valencian companies TCI Cutting, Mipesa and Versa Design collaborate in the success story of the intelligent bicycle for indoor training ZYCLE Smart ZBike, a product that has supposed a technological revolution in indoor sports market at home.

Versa Design is the owner and parent company, which under the ZYCLE brand, has developed the ZYCLE Smart ZBike smart indoor training bike, along with other developments such as smart training rollers compatible with the majority of simulators on the market. TCI Cutting is the manufacturer of the latest generation 2D laser cutting machine, Smartline Fiber, which has cut the material and Mipesa has been in charge of manufacturing the precision mechanical components of the product.

The perfect combination of the three companies and their respective R&D teams has allowed this innovative solution, which represents a technological revolution in the sports and home training market. The product simulates cycling routes around the world with fully real sensations, indoor cycling classes with automatic resistance adjustment depending on the class and is made of high-tech materials.

The technical excellence achieved with this smart bicycle is a direct consequence of the combination of two factors, the high sector experience of the three companies involved and the commitment to innovation of the human team part of this project. Comprehensive quality control in all stages of the production process has made it possible to launch this technological innovation on the market in order to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, both nationally and internationally.

This smart bike developed by ZYCLE is the perfect concept to train, both indoor cycle classes and routes or workouts. Within the range of intelligent indoor training rollers, the ZYCLE ZPro is a roller that simulates slopes of up to 15% unevenness and generates a maximum power of 1,200 watts. ZYCLE’s new smart roller comes with a renewed design and a remarkable improvement in power readings, emitting data around 3% compared to a potentiometer.

Mipesa Grupo is the company that has manufactured the most critical components of the smart bicycle, such as the axles that support the flywheels of the product equipment. These have been machined on latest generation precision lathes.

The flywheels are made from 10 mm thick steel sheets, which are laser cut and subsequently machined on multitasking lathes.

The laser cutting process has been carried out using the Smartline Fiber 2D laser cutting machine, developed and manufactured by TCI Cutting. This machine is characterized by being the most flexible and accessible on the market and is specially designed for customers who seek maximum productivity in short, long and flexible production processes for all types of materials. The machine can be optimized with an automated loading, unloading and storage system, and the implementation of an Intelligent Production Management Software for autonomous and strategic decision making (TCI Manager).

TCI Cutting - ZYCLE