TCI Cutting renews its successful model Smartline Fiber 3015, maximum flexibility and productivity in 2D sheet metal cutting

The Spanish company TCI Cutting, renews its successful model Smartline Fiber 3015, 2D laser cutting machine specially designed for customers seeking maximum flexibility and productivity in sheet metal cutting.

Smartline FIber 3015, up to 15 kW of power and 2G acceleration, is the perfect solution for companies with flexible processes that require continuous changes in production, both in parts and in materials and thicknesses.

The total accessibility to the cutting table by the operator, combined with the outstanding ease of use of this machine, guarantees the highest quality of the cutting piece in short, fast and highly variable production processes. Adding this state-of-the-art technology to cutting companies means eliminating downtime in production flows and gaining in competitiveness rates by lowering the unit cost per piece and improving response times for clients of different types.

Smartline Fiber 3015 offers the highest cutting quality and perfect parts in materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, among others; of thin and medium thickness sheets.

This highly ergonomic machine allows a space saving of more than 20% in the factory, it has a high precision cutting head, automatic focal control, automatic nozzle cleaning, a very intuitive and easy-to-use HMI and it is a equipment with very low electrical consumption.

The Smartline Fiber 3015 machine can be optimized through various levels of intelligent automation for automated loading, unloading and storage which complemented by the implementation of the TCI Manager, production management intelligent software for autonomous and strategic decision-making, is the best solution of the market for industrial cutting companies that seek to have intelligent factories.

Smartline Fiber 3015 is the perfect 2D laser cutting solution for the sheet metal transformation and industrial cutting sector that wants to optimize its cutting machines and strengthen its business model, and for those cutting companies that choose to abandon other types of older technologies and take a chane on laser technlogy.

The Spanish company TCI Cutting is a world benchmark in laser and waterjet cutting solutions, scalable Tailor-made automation and production management intelligent software for autonomous and strategic decision making, for clients whose goal is the maximum optimization of their productive process in its path to a Smart Factory.