TCI Cutting installs a 12 m long Speedline for Guillén Group

  • Guillén Group, a market leader in the manufacturing of technologically advanced semi-trailers
  • tailor-made solution that meets the needs of XXL format products’ industrial cutting

TCI Cutting, Spanish Smart Company, based in Valencia, world benchmark in laser and waterjet industrial cutting solutions and scalable automation implementation processes for companies, installs a 12 m long Speedline laser fiber cutting machine for its customer Guillén Desarrollos Industriales, a Guillén Group manufacturing company. This company is a market leader in the manufacturing of technologically advanced semi-trailers and has a portfolio of first-class clients worldwide.

This 12 m long Speedline laser fiber cutting machine is a customized solution that meets the needs of XXL-format products’ industrial cutting, such as the semi-trailers manufactured by Guillén Desarrollos Industriales. The acquisition of this machine will allow a productivity and competitiveness increase within the market for this client, as well as cost efficiency and a clear improvement in terms of the response times of Guillén Group in front of its customers, and above all a quality improvement of its products.

This TCI Cutting Speedline has a laser power of 6,000 W, a maximum acceleration of 19.6 m / s2 – 2G and a speed of 170 m/min, being one of the fastest large format machines on the market. With automatic table change and sheet metal measurement by artificial vision, this cutting machine is fully cabined. The Speedline laser fiber series allows the incorporation of two heads, with two fiber laser sources, and the automation of the production process using a TCI bridge loading system 3.0 as an intelligent loading solution, as well as a large-format bevel cut using the 2D1/2 TCI cutting head.

TCI Cutting is an expert in offering tailor-made industrial cutting solutions and customized production engineering of the highest market quality, through a detailed analysis of the specific needs of its clients, national and international, by its engineering team as well as the research and development department, and thanks to its accumulated experience of 20 years as a leading company in the sector. Its fleet of high-end industrial cutting machines is complemented by the business unit specialized in production management intelligent software for autonomous decision-making (TCI Manager), as well as its latest-generation automation systems.

TCI Cutting helps customers in the scalable transforming process of their factories into Smart Factories, being their long-term technological partner and adapting its solutions at all times to client’s needs.

One client, une solution.

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