TCI Cutting increases the productivity of its customers with high-end tailor-made automation solutions

TCI Cutting increases the productivity and competitiveness of its customers thanks to its tailor-made automation solutions, scalable in time and one hundred percent European technology. Its fiber laser cutting and folding machines can be optimized by automating processes subsequent to cutting or folding, allowing fast, efficient and optimized production cycles in the short term.

Manufactured at its headquarters in Valencia, the different levels of tailor-made automation include loading, unloading, storage or smart sorting of parts. Its integration in the production cycle achieves a higher performance of the entire process, as well as greater efficiency in the factory.

TCI Cutting’s tailored automation solutions seek to optimize sheet metal transformation factories in the face of the increasingly complex demand of final customers, something that is already impacting the way manufacturers plan and execute their factory operations and that will go to more in the future. That is why factories need intelligent automation solutions fully tailored to their needs, both as a company and by sector.

Automation makes it possible to achieve, among other benefits, the achievement of fully integrated, highly flexible and faster production flows, the improvement of response times to customers, the manufacture of increasingly customized and segmented products or the highest quality of the product with perfect finishes and with hardly any waste, in short, the drastic increase in the company’s returns with the full satisfaction of its customers.

In addition, automation can be optimized through intelligent production management software, such as the TCI Manager, which connects the entire factory to achieve intelligent production and 360º control of the production cycle until it becomes a smart factory.

TCI Cutting is headquartered in Guadassuar (Valencia, Spain) and is a world benchmark in the manufacture of laser and waterjet cutting machines, tailor-made and scalable intelligent automation systems, as well as intelligent production management software for autonomous and strategic decision-making (TCI Manager), and accompanies its customers in their digital transformation processes and optimization of their cutting factories, on their way to a Smart Factory.