TCI Cutting 15 kW Dynamicline Fiber with automated loading, unloading and storage system. The comprehensive cutting solution that revolutionizes the market

TCI Cutting launches its comprehensive solution in 2D laser fiber cutting that combines its innovative 15kW Dynamicline Fiber cutting machine with a maximum acceleration of 4G, that includes the TCI Compact CLST 5.0 system for automated loading, unloading and storage.

Its extreme acceleration and power, added to its high speed, thanks to its carbon fiber bridge characteristic of TCI Cutting, immediately increase the productivity and competitiveness rates of companies with high production volumes, which also require maximum precision cutting, both of thin sheets and sheets of more than 50 mm thickness.

Dynamicline Fiber has double accessibility to the machine, front and side, something unique in the market. This improves, on one hand, the response times in front of customers, and on the other hand,  optimizes the ease of use of the cutting machine. Among other features, we highlight its Intelligent Vision 4.0 Camera, its linear motors and its automatic nozzle exchanger.

This comprehensive system in high-end fiber laser cutting and 100% European manufacturing, is the result of the research and development department of TCI Cutting. Composed of a team of expert engineers in production engineering, its goal is to optimize the production processes of the customers and promote space savings in their factories to turn them into smart factories.

The productivity of a compact industrial cutting solution like this one, is optimized thanks to TCI Manager, the intelligent production management software for strategic decisions. Companies today live in a highly changing, demanding and competitive environment which requires high decisive decisions for long-term sustainability. This software makes it possible to obtain, by means of the intelligent combination of a multitude of data and combinations between them, the best possible decision from among all the variables, which it is facilitated just in time by the intelligent system itself.

TCI Cutting is worldwide benchmark in industrial laser and waterjet cutting solutions, customized intelligent automation systems and intelligent production management software, and has a portfolio of customers from all sectors in more than 28 countries.

TCI Cutting stands out in its specialty sector thanks to its 20 years of experience, its predictive maintenance service, its avant-garde technology and the detailed study of the specific needs of its clients to offer them the best solution on the market in order to optimize their factories in terms of productivity, cost efficiency and competitiveness, as the path to become a Smart Factory.