TCI Cutting launches a state-of-the-art 3D cutting machine for laser cutting and milling on the market

  • Kuadrotek, a worldwide leader in the design, development and implementation of electrical switchboards, has opted for this solution
  • A complete solution of high power, infinite twist, 3D fiber laser cutting, milling and 3D threading

TCI Cutting, Valencian smart company worldwide leader in industrial laser and water cutting -waterjet-, and implementation of tailor-made automation, launches a cutting-edge, multipurpose cutting machine for laser cutting and milling. The combined solution, developed in-house, starts from its Dreamline Fiber 3D laser cutting machine and has the company Kuadrotek as customer. This company, integrated into the Elektra Group, is a world reference in the design, development and implementation of electrical panels, as well as in the control for the automation of all types of industrial facilities and processes.

The TCI Cutting machine provides a complete solution of infinite twist, high-power fiber 3D laser cutting, milling and 3D threading. On this occasion, it has been customized, according to the needs of the client, for cutting electrical fiber and steel panels. The solution allows cuts on flat sheet metal panels in 2D or in objects with volume, thanks to its long vertical travel “z axis”. In addition, the milling head switches the cut between different types of tools automatically, which allows drilling, threading and milling on flat and vertical surfaces. On the other hand, and with the aim of increasing productivity, the machine has two automated tables, which can alternate the loading of materials. This new generation has connectivity with third parties and an easy implementation in industry 4.0.

This customized solution offers the customer, among other benefits, total versatility, very high productivity and high cutting precision, which allows Kuadrotek to meet the highest demands of their respective customers in a highly changing and competitive environment, in a multitude of application sectors such as aeronautics, large infrastructure, OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) or energy, among others.

TCI Cutting, with 20 years of experience in the sector, is recognized in the market as an expert in the implementation of production engineering processes and as a long-term technological partner of clients whose objective is the customizable and scalable automation of their productive processes.

Its cutting-edge solutions in industrial cutting and its ten fully specialized business units according to customer needs, include cutting-edge intelligent cutting machines, tailor-made automation services and intelligent production management software (TCI Manager) for autonomous making-decisions. TCI Cutting accompanies the clients throughout the transformation process towards a Smart Factory of the future.

One client, one solution.

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