CDI-METALASER NORTE Group multiplies its manufacturing capacity thanks to the 2D Smartline Fiber laser cutting solution with automation of the company TCI Cutting

The Asturian (Spain) group formed by CDI Creacion de Imagen and Metalaser Norte, a leader in the sector of signage and implementation of corporate image, commercial furniture, metal structures, as well as laser cutting and folding of pieces, has multiplied its manufacturing capacity thanks to the Smartline Fiber 2D laser cutting solution with automation from the Valencian company TCI Cutting.

CDI – METALASER group, created in 1998 in Gijón (Asturias), needed to multiply its manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand of its customers, with the aim of guaranteeing large production runs in record time and with the highest quality of the finished product and quality in cutting precision.

TCI Cutting determined, after an engineering study of the production and the analysis of the specific needs of this customer, that CDI – METALASER should change cutting technology and abandon the waterjet cutting technology used up to now, to switch to the cutting-edge fiber laser cutting technology.

In this sense, the technical study of TCI Cutting determined that the appropriate cutting solution for CDI – METALASER required the implementation of a 2D Smartline Fiber laser cutting machine with an automated loading and unloading system that would guarantee the maximum optimization of its production process .

The TCI Cutting solution, with the consequent optimization of customer’s factory, has allowed CDI – METALASER to increase its client portfolio and reinforce its strategic value to favor a better leadership position for the company in the national market. In addition, CDI – METALASER’s folding business unit has also been expanded thanks to this cut-to-size solution.

The Smartline Fiber laser cutting machine offers the maximum accessibility and flexibility on the market and is specially designed to obtain the best productivity rates in highly changing and fast production processes. This laser cutting solution enables automation of loading, unloading, and storage for more productivity and autonomy, as well as scalable growth into a complete automation, in parallel with business growth. In addition, this integral fiber laser cutting solution can be highly optimized thanks to the implementation of TCI Manager, production management intelligent software for autonomous and strategic decision-taking that are key to the future development of the business.

TCI Cutting, which has just celebrated its twentieth anniversary, is headquartered in Valencia (Spain) and is a world benchmark in the manufacture of laser and waterjet cutting machines, tailor-made and scalable intelligent automation systems and production management intelligent softwares for autonomous and strategic decision-making (TCI Manager), and accompanies its customers in their digital transformation processes and optimization of their cutting factories, on their transformation path towards a Smart Factory.