Smart Cell from TCI Cutting, the smart production island that increases productivity and the speed of the production flow

The Smart Cell from TCI Cutting, incorporates the fiber laser cutting process, the automation of subsequent tasks such as loading, unloading, storage and intelligent sorting of parts. The autonomy and acceleration of this whole process allows the company to improve the response times to customers, increase productivity and significantly improve the profitability of the entire production flow.

The Smart Cell is a solution totally adaptable to each customer, according to its specific needs, thanks to the a production engineering study developed in each case by the experts of TCI Cutting. In addition, this integrated solution can be scalable over time, depending on the growth and standard demand of each production facility. It is therefore a solution that will grow in parallel with the growth of the company, always supervised by the technology partner TCI Cutting.

After the intelligent sorting process, there is the option to integrate palletizer robots into the process. Robotization can also contemplate the integration of self-guided vehicles of semi-processed parts, Smart AGVs, to optimize the internal logistics throughout the production plant.

TCI Cutting manufactures all its cutting machines, tailor-made automation systems and its intelligent production management software at its headquarters in Guadassuar (Valencia, Spain). This allows TCI Cutting to offer solutions of the highest European quality that are fully tailored to the customer and with very short delivery times.

TCI Cutting has a showroom in factory so as to learn about its high-tech cutting, laser or waterjet solutions (more than seventeen models), its tailor-made automation systems and a high variety of intelligent software. These solutions allow to control all the systems within the production process to optimize each stage of the productive flow in order to make the leap towards an entirely intelligent, highly productive and flexible manufacturing.