Automate your cutting of tubes and profiles with the Smarttube Fiber machine from TCI Cutting

TCI Cutting presents the perfect fiber laser cutting solution to automate your cutting of tubes and profiles. The Smarttube Fiber cutting machine, with automatic or semi-automatic loading and automated unloading, meets the needs of a comprehensive cutting for tubes and profiles, both open and closed.

100% European manufactured, this cutting machine is capable of processing tubes between 20 and 220 mm and has two head options, 2D or 3D (volume cut). Perfect parts and complex shapes are easy and eliminates subsequent processes in order to improve customer response times as well as to guarantee high-end cutting quality. This cutting solution has application in multiple sectors such as industrial machinery, industrial vehicles, energy, construction, decoration or automobile, among others. The technology of laser cutting in tubes and profiles has opened new fields of application in many sectors with a new approach to the process, by guaranteeing perfect finishes in a previous phase, avoiding doing it manually after production.

This technology guarantees the highest productivity, precision, profitability and flexibility, both in small and large series, with a maximum loading length of 12 m and unloading length of 6 m. The machine also has a weld detection system using an intelligent artificial vision camera.

Smarttube Fiber has TCI SMARTTOUCH V6.0, a very intuitive and easy-to-use human-machine interface to maximize the use of the machine and optimize its performance, with direct impact on the benefits of the company. Quick access to production queues, cutting parameters, cutting machine status and diagnostics, peripheral management and other variables that maximize factory’s productivity. This interface connects with TCI Manager, intelligent production management software.

TCI Cutting is headquartered in Valencia (Spain) and is a world benchmark in the manufacture of laser and waterjet cutting machines , tailor-made and scalable intelligent automation systems, as well as intelligent production management software for of autonomous and strategic decisión-making (TCI Manager), and accompanies its customers in their digital transformation processes and optimization of their cutting factories, on their way to a Smart Factory.