Waterjet Cutting Machines BP-H

Technical data



Maximum thickness of the workpiece200mm
Maximum permitted load790Kg/m2
Number of waterjet cutting heads1 to 4
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed70m/min
Maximum cutting speed20m/min
Machine tolerance VDL/DGQ3441+-0,05mm/m
Repeatability precision+-0,025mm/m

BP-H Series

The BP-H series high pressure waterjet cutting machines is designed for the most demanding customers requiring a housed cutting system for safe, clean and low noise 3D waterjet cutting..

Flexibility and adaptability are key in order to remain competitive in today’s market where new challenges are constantly posed.  This is why TCI Cutting has developed the BP-H series.

The BP-H series of high pressure waterjet cutting machines is characterized by maximum height control on the Z axis up to 500 mm, resulting in a unique versatility to meet customer requirements.

The possibilities to adapt the configuration of the waterjet cutting machine to the customer’s needs are endless.




BP-H 3015X=3.000mm Y=1.500mm Z=500mm
BP-H 3020X=3.000mm Y=2.000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 2040X=2.000mm Y=4.000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 3060X=3.000mm Y=6.000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 3080X=3.000mm Y=8.000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 4060X=4.000mm Y=6.000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 4080X=4.000mm Y=8.000mm Z=500mm




Maximum thickness of the part200mm
Maximum permitted load of the parts790Kg/m2
Number of water jet cutting heads1 a 4
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed70m/min
Maximum cutting speed20m/min
Machine tolerance VDL/DGQ3441+-0,05mm/m
Repetition precisión cutting+-0,025mm/m
Cutting machine water jet pressure waterjet BP-H

360º View


Water jet cutting can be classified as a mechanical method.

The energy generated by the movement of the water at a speed three times higher than the speed of sound is utilised both for pure water cutting and for abrasive cutting and is then applied to the part being cut in order to produce micro-erosion.

Water jet cutting does not generate residual heat at the cutting edge and thus the physical properties of the material are not changed.

scheme operating high pressure pumps for waterjet cutting


This method is suitable for cutting fabric, elastomers, fibres, plastics, food stuffs, paper and other materials and is based on the use of water pressure up to 6,500 bar with an equivalent speed  of 800-1000 m/sec, passing through a diamond orifice (with a diameter of tenths of a millimetre) targeted on the material to be cut.  In this way, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, resulting in a waterjet with speeds capable of cutting the material.


waterjet pure water cutting head


With materials for which pure water cutting is not sufficient, abrasive cutting is required. Using this method, a fine grain abrasive material is added to the water. The union of water, air and abrasive takes place in the mixing chamber to further accelerate and focus it. The result of this method is the production of a powerful waterjet, with the capacity to cut, separate or perforate materials of varying thickness and density, such as metal, ceramics, natural stone or tempered glass, among others.

abrasive waterjet cutting head

Technological advantages waterjet

Intelligent Cutting Head

2D head cutting machine water jet pressure waterjet

  • Anti-collision system
  • Cut control
  • Height control system
  • Laser positioning
  • Automatic abrasive regulation
  • Dual cutting system
  • Automated sheet detection
  • Online assistance
  • Pneumatic percussion counter

Máquina de corte por chorro de agua a presión waterjet

  • Possibility to extend the length of the machine with additional 2m sections
  • Possibility to install up to 4 bridges with cutting heads
  • Possibility to install up to 4 water jet cutting heads on each bridge
  • Jet Control and 3D waterjet cutting system on different bridges
  • Cassette system for pipe and tube cutting
Waterjet & Plasma Support

Máquina de corte waterjet y corte plasma TCI Cutting

  • Use both cutting technologies on one workpiece on the waterjet machine
  • Outline cutting using plasma
  • Plasma marking
  • Range of HD plasma cutting power
Pressure & Technology

Bombas máquina de corte por chorro de agua a presión waterjet

  • 4100 bar intensifier pump
  • 6500 intensifier pump
  • 4100 bar direct drive pump
Characteristics of the waterjet cutting machine series – Waterjet BP-H