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Machine training
waterjet, laser and plasma

The waterjet, laser, blending and plasma machines training as well as CAD-CAM software training is crucial to get the highest performance of the waterjet and laser cutting machine of high technology. Being aware of this, TCI Cutting allocates great resources to this activity.

Trainers – Waterjet, laser, blending and plasma machine training.

High technical skill, good communication capacity also in foreign languages and passion in the difficult task to transmit knowledge, are the most valued qualities when selecting a trainer. Trainers work closely to the R+D department in order to be updated in waterjet and laser cutting systems, and also to the product the experience obtained during the work in the factory.


TCI Cutting

Through courses given in the training rooms and directly in the waterjet and laser cutting machines, the trainers of TCI Cutting accompany and assist customer’s technicians. First of all they will know the basis of the operation of the waterjet and laser cutting machines and then to optimise them.

Company can adapt the programs of the courses to the customer’s specific production demands, furthermore courses can be done in company or in TCI Cutting. This last solution allows to train the workforce of the customer while the cutting machine is being installed in its factory. Thus, the start-up is almost immediately.

For customers who want to extend the training of their technicians in waterjet, laser, bending and plasma with advanced maintenance techniques and fault location, TCI Cutting offers the option of recycling courses or other advanced courses.




TCI Cutting offers an engineering service that diagnoses the optimal level of automation for your company and it guides you through the whole process of implementation in a modular way. We are your long-term technological partner.One client, one solution. Maximum quality and speed of implementation. Direct impact in ROI.

Transform your company into a Smart Factory and optimise your automation level with our Production Management Intelligent Software.

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