We install new laser cutting machines in Poland

TCI Cutting has installed a new laser cutting machine in a company located in the north of Poland. The laser cutting machine is a Smartline Fiber 3015 and has been acquired by a family company specialized in the production of metal constructions. Our laser cutting machine is used in the manufacturing of elements used in construction, agriculture and horticulture, such as containers or carts for greenhouses. The fiber laser cutting machine allows them to cut fine materials up to 12 mm.

Fiber laser cutting machines are one of the most important advances in cutting technology. In addition to the speed and quality of laser cutting, the fiber laser cutting machines add greater energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. The combination of these aspects in the laser cutting machines results in a lower carbon footprint, making them more environmentally friendly.

Both series of fiber laser cutting machines offer an unequaled high piece production and excellent cut quality for thin and medium sheet thickness. Their high energy efficiency, ensures a very low energy consumption. Our fiber laser cutting machines are available in power range from 1000W to 6000W.

maquina corte laser fibra