Waterjet & PlasmaHD: quality of cut and speed in the same machine

The waterjet cutting is versatile and precise, easy to handle and separate almost any material. It is a well-designed technology with great potential for the future.


Waterjet&PlasmaHD: calidad de corte y velocidad en la misma máquina

The extensive experience of TCI Cutting in designing and manufacturing of industrial precision cutting machines by waterjet places us as the leaders in this market. Our knowledge about the needs of HD plasma cutting has driven us to develop our own engineering and technology to offer flexibility and quality to our customers. Plasma HD with waterjet technology combines speed and quality of cut, two indispensable requirements to be competitive in an increasingly large and changing market.

Waterjet cutting 

Waterjet&PlasmaHD: calidad de corte y velocidad en la misma máquina

Our waterjet projects at a speed three times higher than the speed of sound, thanks to the conversion of potential energy at pressure higher than 6,200 bars into kinetic energy. In addition, TCI Cutting use 3D cutting heads, the only patented system in the world that allows infinite rotation and maintains in the focal point.

Waterjet cutting is versatile, suitable for all material types and thicknesses, including painted materials. The waterjet cutting temperature is low, thus preventing thermal alteration and residual tension in the material. Among the main features that make this technology so demanded in the sector is the optimal use of raw material in addition to eliminating the subsequent finishing processes.

HD plasma cutting

Waterjet&PlasmaHD: calidad de corte y velocidad en la misma máquina

The waterjet cutting machine is known for the quality of the cutting finish and for the versatility, TCI Cutting offers the possibility of coupling a high definition plasma device (HD plasma) with numerical control, positioning the plasma torch right next to the water nozzle to maximize the useful cutting area. In addition, there is the possibility of the submerged cut in the waterjet cutting machine, for the best cleaning and lower sound level. The main advantage of plasma cutting is its speed: it is 10 times higher than water cutting with abrasive for the same material and thickness.

The cutting software allows to place parts in a sheet that is fully exploited and cut different contours with different cutting qualities depending on the speed or finish. On the other hand, the use of plasma cutting also leads to significant savings in the maintenance of the installation and the high pressure equipment, and also in the handling time on the peripherals of the waterjet machine since it will accumulate less operating time.

The most important features of HD Plasma cutting technology is that it cuts all material that is electrically conductive. It is perfect for cutting steel and aluminium of medium or high thickness. With HD plasma cutting under water, cuts with very low deformation and noise reduction in the work area are achieved. In TCI Cutting we combine the versatility of a Waterjet machine with the speed of HD Plasma to achieve the most competitive product in the market with minimum investment and low maintenance.

As an added value, we provide customized solutions for all types of clients. Our engineering department develops customized machines after a thorough study of the needs required by our customers. If you need more personal support, you can contact us and one of our experts will answer your questions: contact@tcicutting.com


Waterjet&PlasmaHD: calidad de corte y velocidad en la misma máquina