Waterjet cutting machine SM-M TCI Cutting

Waterjet cutting machineOur TCI waterjet cutting machine SM-M offers the installation of a second independent table, in order to extend the cutting area, and thus maximise output.
The SM-M Series also offers an enclosed option, which delivers silent and clean working conditions and occupies minimal space.
The possibility of cutting with two independent fly-arms and in two distinct work areas, makes this machine unique.
The TCI waterjet cutting machine SM-M, as a modular solution, offers the highest flexibility allowing to adapt easily to the new requirements of production, and therefore machine could be growing according to necessity of the Customer.

About the technical features of the waterjet cutting machine SM-M:
  • Maximum cutting thickness of 200 mm
  • Maximum permited load of pieces is 790 kg/m2
  • Number of cutting heads is 1 to 2
  • Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 60 m/min
  • Maximum cutting speed 20 m/min
  • Machine tolerance in accordance with VDL/DGQ 3441 ± 0.05 mm/m
  • Repeatability precision ± 0.025 mm/m


Some technical advantages of the water jet cutting machine SM-M are following:
  • Smart cutting head with anti-collision system, cut control (autonomous cutting system), height control, mounted on waterjet cutting machine, laser pointer, abrasive bulk transfer unit independent from the cutting table and autonomic abrasive feeder system, dual system cutting, height sensor, marking systems, online service and other optional
  • Options available, double cutting head, jet control (elimination of conicity), 5 axis cutting head for Water jet cutting machine BP-C,sludge cleaning, sub-water system
  • Canopy: Cabinet of cutting area on the waterjet cutting machine
  • Possibility of installation of Waterjet&Plasma technology. Cutting both technologies in the same piece, cut of remnants by plasma, marking by plasma and several power rate of HD plasma
  • Pressure & Technology: i intensifier pump of 4100 bar, other options for intensifier pump of 6500 bar and direct drive pump of 4100 bar.

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