Waterjet cutting machine vs fiber laser cutting machine

One of the distinguishing features of TCI Cutting is the ability to offer our customers the cutting solution that best suits their needs, both waterjet cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines. With the help of our team, the customer can choose the machine according to the material and cutting requirements.

If you have any doubts, our team of engineers will advise you in the purchase of most suitable machine for the project you wish to realize. In a summary, we can highlight the differences and advantages of the waterjet cutting machine and the fiber laser cutting machine.

The main difference between the waterjet cutting machine and the fiber laser cutting machine is the versatility of the first. The water jet cutting machine can cut everything, any type of material, organic or inorganic: from stone or titanium to textile, plastic or food, through glass and aluminum, in thicknesses up to 200 mm. In contrast, the laser cutting machine is targeted towards metal alloys such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or brass. In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine is suited for a range of finer thicknesses, from 0.5 mm to 25 millimeters.

TCI Cutting is strongly committed to both technologies, waterjet cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines, with which different markets can be approached. Within our current catalog, we highlight the models of the Smartline Fiber Laser and Speedline Fiber Laser series. Both are notable for their potential, low production costs and energy efficiency, thus offering customers more possibilities for productive growth and cost savings.


  • The temperature of the cut is low, avoiding thermal alterations and residual tensions in the material. There is practically no heat input.Maquina de corte por chorro de agua waterjet
  • The waterjet cutting machine is very versatile, covering all types of materials and thicknesses up to 200 mm.
  • The waterjet cutting machine is clean, does not generate harmful atmospheres
  • The surface cut with the waterjet cutting machine does not crack or bend.
  • With the waterjet cutting machine the waste of materials is minimal and the raw material is optimally used.
  • The waterjet cutting machine eliminates subsequent finishing processes.
  • Possibility of making different types of cutting simultaneously, for example waterjet cutting and plasma cutting



  • The fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for high precision cutting in thin-thickness metal materials
  • Energy saving in electric consumption up to 70% with the fiber laser cutting machine compared to CO2 lasers.maquina corte laser fibra
  • High speed cutting and piercing in materials of fine thickness.
  • Versatility of the fiber laser cutting machine because it allows cutting of reflective materials (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) due to the wavelength.
  • Simple maintenance and consumable saving
  • Perfect for laser cutting of complex geometries and small holes.
  • With the fiber laser cutting machines the cutting edges are perfectly square.
  • Easy to automate