Water jet cutting machine BP-H 3060, unlimited versatility

In its BP-H 3060 water jet cutting machine, TCI Cutting unites 2D and 3D water cutting in a single platform with plasma cutting. Three cutting heads on a single bridge allow the combination of the precision and quality of high pressure water jet cutting with the speed of high definition plasma cutting. The BP-H 3060 Water Cutting Machine is designed for the most demanding customers and can be customized to fit your needs perfectly.

The combination of two technologies, water and plasma, coupled with the possibility of cutting in space by means of the 5-axis 3D head, allows unlimited cutting possibilities of different materials and thicknesses.

The water jet cutting machine is known for the quality of the cut finish and for its versatility. It offers the possibility to cut steel, aluminum and stainless steel from 0 mm to 200 mm, as well as the cutting of materials such as ceramic, stone, plastics, wood, rubber and even foods.

Water jet cutting machine BP-H 3060TCI Cutting offers the possibility of incorporating a high-definition plasma cutting head, controlled by the CNC, on the water jet cutting machine. Mounting the plasma torch right next to the water nozzle maximizes the useful cutting area. The main advantage of plasma cutting is its speed, up to ten times higher than that of the water jet cutting machine cutting with water and abrasive, for the same material and thickness.

The software of the water jet cutting machine will allow you to take maximize the usage of the material to be cut and to cut different contours with different cutting qualities depending on the speed or finish. This configuration with three heads on the same water jet cutting machine and on the same bridge, provides a great competitiveness since it combines versatility and quality of finish with a great productivity and versatility.

The number of possible options along with the flexibility and adaptability of the water jet cutting machine provides productivity with minimal cost, two key factors to fully integrate into industry 4.0 and increase competitiveness reducing production costs.

All the BP series water cutting machines have a bridge type construction, which provides great strength and power, allowing cutting of large surfaces. In addition, BP-H water cutting machines are characterized by a maximum height adjustment in their Z axis up to 500 mm, providing a unique versatility to perfectly fit the needs of the customer. The growth possibilities to adapt the configuration of the water jet cutting machine are endless.