Variable spot, TCI Cutting fiber laser cutting machines

Maquina corte laser fibra - Fiber laser cutting machineThe variable spot technology for fiber laser cutting machines is one of the latest innovations in the laser cutting world, and it is included in certain cutting heads installed in the fiber laser cutting machines by TCI Cutting.
Physically, this optical system consists of a lens located within the cutting head, moving along the Z axis (or vertical axis). It works similarly to the optical zoom of a camera.
The effect of the variable spot system is the ability to concentrate energy in a point of greater or smaller diameter on the cutting surface. With that, we can concentrate heat in a tiny point when we are cutting a fine sheet with a fiber laser cutting machine, and capitalize on the increased cutting speed. On the other hand, we can dissipate energy at a higher point when we are cutting a thicker sheet thus obtaining optimal cutting quality, as the penetration of heat throughout the plate section is provided.
These changes in the beam diameter do not cause any deviation in the dimensional tolerance of the pieces cut by the fiber laser cutting machine, since the cutting software set this parameter depending on the thickness of each material.
In short, variable spot allows higher productivity and better quality in outlines where required, avoiding further finishing operations of the parts.
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