The SM-S waterjet cutting machine from TCI Cutting

Waterjet cutting machineProfitability and accessibility are the main features of the SM-S waterjet cutting machine from TCI Cutting, able to meet most of the frequent cutting requirements. With the possibility to select between various cutting arms with independent cutting in any geometry.
The waterjet cutting machine is characterized by both good accessibility and good price-performance ratio. This makes maintenance easy and economical, resulting in a highly available and effective waterjet cutting machine.

Specifications of the SM-S waterjet cutting machine:
  • Maximum work piece thickness of up to 200mm
  • Maximum permissible load of parts 790 kg/m2
  • One cutting head
  • Maximum simultaneous positioning speed of 60 m / min
  • Maximum cutting speed of 20 m / min
  • A machine tolerance according to VDI / DGQ 3441 of ± 0.05 mm / m
  • A repetition accuracy of ± 0.025 mm / m


Technological advantages:
  • Intelligent cutting head: Anti-collision system, cut control, height adjustment control, laser positioning, automatic abrasive regulation, dual cutting system, automatic plate detection, pneumatic percussion marker and online assistance
  • Options: adjustable double head, jet control (suppressor taper), 3D cutting head, sludge removal, submerged and vectored remnants cutting
  • Waterjet & Plasma support: a unique combination of both technologies in one device, cutting outlines with plasma, plasma marking and different powers in HD plasma
  • Pressure and Technology: Intensifier pump of 4100 bar, 6500 bar or direct drive pump of 4100 bar

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