The CO2 Smartline L-Power series of laser cutting machines: excellent cutting quality with low production costs

smartline-lpower-1The L-Power CO2 laser cutting machine is one of TCI Cutting’s Smartline series of laser cutters.
CO2 lasers use a mixture of gases to generate the laser beam. The high voltage required in the resonator to excite the gas is generated by anti-wear semiconductor modules which are small, efficient and reliable.
The CO2 technology is suitable for cutting various material types, such as thick metals, wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textiles, plastics, leather and stone. High production output is achieved with all metal thicknesses up to 25mm and with tabular pieces.
Listed below are some of the specifications for the Smartline L-Power laser cutting machine:

  • The L-Power laser cutting machines achieve a maximum axial acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 and a smartline-lpower-2maximum simultaneous positioning speed of 160 m/min.
  • These laser cutting machines produce precision cutting of ±0.05 and offer high performance with minimal maintenance costs.
  • The L-Power laser cutter offers excellent cutting quality for fine thicknesses and the cutting machine has a compact design incorporating full operator safety features.
  • The L-Power laser cutting machines incorporate an effective high to low pressure gas exchange system and an automatic synchronized smoke aspiration system.

In summary, the Smartline L-Power series of laser cutting machines offers excellent cutting quality with low production costs. These laser cutting machines are also available with sealed resonators and with a power output ranging from 100 to 600 watts.
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