The BP-S waterjet cutting machine from TCI Cutting

Waterjet cutting machineThe TCI Cutting BP-S series of high pressure waterjet cutting machines offers a functional water jet cutting installation, which is precise and profitable for use in all standard applications.
Flexibility and adaptability are key to remain competitive in today’s market where new challenges are constantly posed. This is why TCI Cutting has developed the BP-S high pressure waterjet cutting machines
The possibilities of enhancement to adapt the configuration of the waterjet cutting machine to the requirements of the client are infinite.
The modular design of these machines makes transport easy and offers customers more flexibility, allowing future extensions by adding new modules, a second head or a new bridge with more heads.

Specifications of the BP-S waterjet cutting machine:
  • Maximum cutting thickness of up to 200mm
  • Maximum permitted load 790 kg/m2
  • Number of cutting heads: 1 to 4
  • Maximum simultaneous positioning speed of 70 m / min
  • Maximum cutting speed of 20 m / min
  • A machine tolerance in according with VDI / DGQ 3441 of ± 0.05 mm / m
  • Repeatability precision of ± 0.025 mm / m


Technological advantages:
  • Intelligent cutting head: Anti-collision system, cutting control, height adjustment control, laser positioning, automatic abrasive regulation, dual cutting system, automatic sheet detection, pneumatic percussion counter and online assistance
  • Modularity: Ability to extend length of sections by 2m, ability to install up to 4 bridges with cutting heads, ability to install up to 4 water jet cutting heads on each bridge, Jet Control and 3D water jet cutting system on different bridges, cassette system pipe and tube cutting
  • Waterjet & Plasma support: a unique combination of both technologies in the same machine, remnant cutting using plasma, plasma marking and a range of HD plasma cutting power
  • Pressure and Technology: Intensifier pump of 4100 bar, 6500 bar or direct drive pump of 4100 bar

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