TCI Tower Systems 4.0, the automated, intelligent and customized storage tower

At TCI Cutting we have a complete range of intelligent automation towers that can be adapted to any of our laser cutting machines. These systems are integrated with the laser cutting machine using state-of-the-art and easy to handle software and allow loading and unloading of raw material, cut pieces and subsequent storage.


From our offering, we highlight the TCI Tower Systems 4.0, an automation tower that constitutes a complete solution for the laser cutting machine. Combining our laser cutting machines and our automation towers will allow our customers to increase their productivity with a 24-hour automatic production, reduce working hours and minimize manual manipulation of laser cutting machines.

But in addition, our highly trained and experienced team of engineers allows us to create automated storage centers for the laser cutting machine for our customers, fully adapted to the real and specific needs of your company.

The automated loading and unloading system utilizes vertical plant space to improve material handling and at the same time provides flexibility for the production in laser cutting machines of either small batches of different materials or longer production runs.

Advantages of laser cutting machines

One of the advantages of these systems is that parts and material can be loaded and unloaded without interrupting the cycle of the laser cutting machine. In this way a continuous flow of production can be achieved, which in turn leads to a more efficient and profitable process at all levels, one of the principles of industry 4.0.

With these loading and storage systems, a flexible production of laser cutting machines is achieved, the use of space is optimized, time is saved and the risk of damage during transport is reduced. In this way, our customers will improve the productivity of their laser cutting machines and reduce lead times and costs, thus increasing their profits.