TCI present the Combi range of dual Waterjet and HD Plasma cutters at the EuroBLECH Trade Fair


TCI Cutting proudly presented our Combi, Waterjet and HD Plasma range of laser, plasma and waterjet cutting machines at the recent 23rd EuroBlech Trade Fair – the international marketing highlight in the sheet metal sector.

And once again, out of all our European competitors, TCI Cutting stood out from the crowd for our flexibility and creativity, our excellent prices and our precision cutting.     


TCI Cutting chose the EuroBlech Trade Fair, held in Hannover from 21 to 25 October this year, as the perfect venue to present our latest laser cutting, HD plasma cutting and high pressure Waterjet cutting machines. This international event has grown in importance over recent years and is now recognised as the world trade fair leader for the latest developments in the metal processing sector.


This new range has the facility to combine the HD Plasma cutting head, featuring additional pneumatic marking, together with the latest 3D TCI 5X V4.0 cutting head technology developed by TCI Cutting.  The 3D T CI 5X V4.0 machine combining both cutting technologies is perfect for cutting in space using the Waterjet cutting head and provides an almost infinite options for cutting materials of varying types and thicknesses.

This machine offers the widest possible range of options for drilling, screwing, pneumatic marking etc.  Due to the great flexibility of these cutting machines, the client always has the option to add to and develop his machine in order to suit his future requirements.  The experience and knowledge we have acquired and built up about the usage of the high pressure Waterjet cutter and the HD Plasma cutter has given us at TCI the impetus to develop our own engineering and technology so that we can offer our clients the greatest possible flexibility,combining both technologies in one single cutting machine.

Maximum performance for minimal investment

The new series of waterjet cutting machines and the Combi plasma cutter together constitute a functional range of equipment, offering precision and cost-effectiveness in all standard applications.  Maximum performance for minimal investment and maintenance!  Our clients can expect quality cutting performance at high speeds as a result of the combination of HD plasma with Waterjet technology  – in fact, everything you need to give you a sharp competitive edge!

About TCI

For over a decade now TCI Cutting has been doing business in more than 24 countries; our premises in Valencia cover thousands of square metres where we design and manufacture our  laser, plasma and high pressure waterjet cutting machines, all of them market leaders and of the highest quality.

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