TCI Cutting, your experts in water jet, laser and plasma cutting machines. Waterjet machines, laser cutting machines and plasma cutting machines

Our high pressure water jet cutting machines, laser cutters and plasma cutting machines based on the very newest technology will meet your requirements and enhance the profitability of your business. Our aim at TCI Cutting is always to be there at the forefront of the industry with the latest developments: engineering expertise and experience for greater efficiency and productivity.

Waterjet Division

Our high pressure water jet cutting machines are versatile and flexible and have been developed to carry out high pressure abrasive water jet cutting of hard materials and high pressure pure water cutting of soft materials.

TCI Cutting has great experience in the design and fabrication of industrial high pressure water jet cutting machinery; for this reason we are considered to be the market leaders in this field. Our high pressure water jet cutting machines are easily able to deal with materials and projects which would be impossible to manage by any other method, reaching three times more than the speed of sound and at a pressure rating of more than 6500 bars.

Laser Division

Laser cutting machines, based on the newest CO2 laser or laser fiber technology, designed and built by TCI Cutting with their commitment to deliver total satisfaction, maximum quality, high productivity and immediate and effective after-sales service to all our clients.

We have over 14 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing laser cutting machinery; our software is designed to minimize costs and to maximize productivity. At TCI Cutting we focus on innovation and technological development; and we are now proud to add a new series of laser cutters to our range: The Smartline Series is available with both CO2 and fiber technology.

Plasma Division

Maquina corte plasma HD

High definition HD plasma cutting machines, versatile and flexible. The plasma cutters are designed to cut materials of all thicknesses to the highest standard.

Our high definition HD plasma cutting machines are made for customers who demand the highest cutting quality at competitive prices. The compact design of our plasma cutting machines delivers high productivity whilst taking up little space. These plasma cutters are extremely flexible and can deal with all types of productivity requirements.

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