TCI Cutting waterjet cutting machines, key components in the DCNS manufacturing process

The French company, the European naval defense leader, will incorporate a new TCI cutting waterjet cutting machine at its facilities in Brest in Brittany. Our waterjet cutting machines will become an important part of DCNS ‘manufacturing processes and maintenance of submarines and ships.

Since 2011, we have provided the waterjet cutting machines at the Cherburg plant dedicated to the construction of DCNS submarines. Strengthened by this experience and with the satisfaction of the result obtained with our equipment, DCNS has recognized that TCI cutting machines have the technical and productive capacities to adapt to their demands.

This latest waterjet cutting machine, will be a masterpiece in the new maintenance yard in Brest, cutting parts with precision and quality. It will be the model BP-H 4030, a waterjet cutting machine equipped with 5 axes capable of cutting parts in 2D ½ or 3D.

The precision of the technology of the waterjet machines that we develop is a significant element in maritime and aeronautical sectors. This system is able to cut all materials like steel, titanium, carbon fiber or aluminum perfectly and without errors.

DCNS has chosen TCI Cutting for its experience in the sector, with TCI offering a technical solution adapted to their needs, with a strong relationship both commercially and technically. With the delivery of two DCNS systems in France, a close collaboration between TCI Cutting and DCNS exists for both the present and the future.