TCI Cutting presents our maximum power fiber laser cutting machine, Smartline Fiber, with 6kW laser source

The TCI Cutting product portfolio of Fiber Laser cutting machines has now extended its range of 3015 laser cutters with the addition of a 6kW fiber laser source.RS1642_Smartline 3015 - Fiber-lateral_puerta-lpr

TCI CUTTING announces the addition to its product range of fiber laser 3015 laser cutters of a 6kW fiber laser source. This higher powered machine considerably increases the fiber cutting speed.


When processing the same cutting material, the higher speed has a clear advantage in comparison with the speed of the CO2 6kW laser source: the 6kW fiber laser is actually up to three times faster, depending on the type of material used and the thickness of the plate.


The reliability and speed of the fiber laser cutting machines is unbeatable when it comes to cutting control.  Here are some of the specifications featured in the TCI Cutting Smartline Fiber fiber laser cutting machine:

RS1639_Smartline 3015 - Fiber-lateral-lpr

The fiber laser cutters feature an acceleration speed of 19.6 m/s2 (2G) and a maximum simultaneous positioning speed of 160m/min.  These laser cutters can precision-cut to ±0.05mm.

The fiber laser cutting machines are highly energy efficient with a much reduced power consumption. The output is not affected by this: the cut quality for plate of both fine and medium thickness is excellent.

The fiber laser cutting machines are equipped with an IPG or ROFIN resonator and are available with a power output ranging from 1kw to 6kw.  The laser cutters are fitted with a Precitec head.

The fiber laser cutting machines are fully enclosed in a cabin ensuring maximum operator protection and safety.  They are also fitted with a collection hopper for the pieces and remnants.

The laser cutters feature a two valve proportional system for different gas pressures and a special system for high pressure cutting.  They also feature an effective exchange system from high to low pressure gas.

The laser cutting machines incorporate an automatic and mechanical Nesting power control function (for use with corners, starts, etc).  This function facilitates maximum optimization of the cutting piece, thus reducing the cost of the piece and increasing the profit margin.  The machines also feature an automatic time and piece cost calculation function.

The fiber laser cutting machine series comes fully equipped with an automatic table exchanger, a smoke extraction system, a piercing sensor, refrigeration unit, etc.


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