TCI cutting offers an extensive range of resonators for its Smartline Fiber series of fiber laser cutting machines

TCI Cutting offer resonators with a full range of output power for our fiber laser cutting machines. The various models of fiber laser cutters which we design allow our clients to select between different table dimensions as well as choosing a resonator from a wide range of output powers.

The three standard dimensions which we offer in our range of fiber laser cutting machines are RS1639_Smartline 3015 - Fiber-lateral-lpr3015, 4020 and 6030. In addition to the various cutting table sizes we can offer, TCI Cutting provides resonators with a wide range of output power: we can therefore combine custom-made cutting tables with the appropriate laser resonator output power to meet the needs of each client. The client can select from output power ranging from 1kw to 6kw depending on the cutting requirements they need for their business; in effect, this means that the client can choose the precise laser cutting machine they require.

RS1642_Smartline 3015 - Fiber-lateral_puerta-lprWhen purchasing a laser cutting machine from our company, our client can select the table size and the resonator power source which best suits their particular cutting requirements, taking into account the thickness of the material they wish to cut; our range of machines can cut thicknesses from 1mm to more than 20mm.

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