TCI Cutting Laser cutting machines at STEEL FAB 2017 in Dubai

TCI Cutting has exhibited the latest developments and technologies in waterjet cutting machines and laser cutting machines at the latest edition of Steel Fab in Dubai, the most important metallurgical industry and machine tool trade show in the Middle East.

At the Sharjah Expo Center we have shown the latest innovations offered by our products to the public, both in waterjet cutting machines and in laser cutting machines. Our presence in the United Arab Emirates is aimed at opening up new markets where the steel and metal processing industry is growing in hand in hand with construction and industrial manufacturing. We have a collaboration with and are representation by PASSTECH (Overmach Group) in the Middle East, a company with long experience that offers service and maintenance of our

The Steel Fab Fair in Dubai has withstood the onslaught of the global economic crisis and has found new areas to grow for more than a decade, expanding its geographic footprint and bringing cutting-edge technology to the region.

Cutting edge technology and technological innovation are exactly two of the main characteristics of our waterjet cutting machines and our laser cutting machines. Our team of engineers works hard to offer industrial cutting solutions that are adapted to the needs of our customers, both in waterjet cutting machines, laser and plasma cutting machines.

In addition, with our designs of waterjet cutting machines and laser cutting machines, we achieve energy savings of 50% plus 30% less space in the installation. The incorporation of all these technological innovations in waterjet cutting machines and laser cutting machines has allowed us to establish ourselves in competitive markets such as France, Germany, Poland and Italy, with subsidiaries in three of them and distributors in the rest of Europe. TCI Cutting currently has more than 400 installations throughout Europe.