TCI Cutting incorporates advanced artificial vision in the laser cutting machines

TCI Cutting will incorporate advanced artificial vision technology into its laser cutting machines. The aim is that the machines perfectly detect the position of the sheet to be cut in the laser cutting machine as well as the figures and contours. In addition, this system will allow the monitoring and total automation of the process in the laser cutting machine.

artificial vision in laser cutting machinesAt the forefront of industry 4.0, TCI cutting perfects and continuously updates the artificial intelligence of its laser cutting machines. The goal is to computerize the factory world and thus enable customers to increase productivity by saving on energy and materials. In short, saving of costs and increase of productivity.

TCI Cutting has jumped to Industry 4.0 with a new production model: an intelligent factory to produce intelligent laser cutting machines. The challenges posed by the so-called fourth industrial revolution have been solved with software solutions that allow constant analysis of data and information to increase the productivity, flexibility and efficiency of the production of laser cutting machines.

With the powerful specialized software, the company has been digitalized by connecting all the elements of the production process: people, intelligent storage systems, laser cutting machines and equipment, being able to independently exchange information and data. In this way the integration of all levels and departments of the company and the complete identification of the raw material, resources and final product have been achieved, always controlling and optimizing the processes in real time.