TCI Cutting Fiber Laser Cutting Machines: the Smartline Fiber series featuring the newest laser cutting technology

The principal advantages of the Fiber Laser cutting machines are as follows:

  • The fiber laser cutting machines are extremely flexible and can also be used with non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass; the machines are easy to handle and produce a result of exceptional quality.
  • The Fiber Laser cutter’s high output rate is unbeatable
  • The Fiber Laser cutting machines operate at a very high cutting speed for thicknesses of less than 4mm
  • The Fiber Laser cutter has low production and maintenance costs,  consuming little electricity and not requiring any laser gas
  • The machine is compact in design and takes up minimal space; but there is no size restriction
  • The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine lens is changed only once a year within a ‘white room’ clean area environment.  The same type of lens can be used for all thickness and material types and has an approximate lifecycle of  between 4000 and 5000 hours
  • The high efficiency of the Fiber Laser cutter guarantees a greatly reduced electricity consumption.  This machine is 86% more energy efficient than the CO2 lasermaquina corte laser smartline fiber
  • TheFiber Laser cutting machines are highly suitable for use in the marking, finishing and detailing of pieces
  • The machines are easy to install and  quick to get into operation
  • With the Fiber Laser machine, the cutting speed for thicknesses of less than 6mm,when  using N2 in the cutting process, is up to 5 times faster

Features of the Fiber Laser cutting technology

The Fiber Laser is the very newest development in laser cutting technology.  The laser beam is generated in an active fiber leading to the cutting head on the machine via a transport fiber, by means of diodes and fiber cabling.  The Fiber Lasers are smaller in size than the CO2 lasers but reach double their power output using the same amount of electrical current.  They are suitable for working on both fine and medium thickness sheet metals, up to 12 mm.  The machine also cuts non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass.

Access to the cutting machine is limited for security reasons because the laser reflections are highly dangerous to the eyes.  The focal diameter is very small, having one hundred times more intensity than the CO2 laser.

Because this new technology is still in its infancy and has only been in use for about five years, many operators do not yet have enough experience with using it; for this reason we advise that they should undertake some appropriate initial training in order to learn how to control the fiber cutting equipment.
maquina corte laser smartline fiber

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