TCI Cutting brings Industry 4.0 closer to its clients

Industry 4.0 is available to all our customers thanks to PROmanager and SMARTTOUCH, two powerful manufacturing management systems created by TCI Cutting with the aim of optimizing the use of our cutting machines in a fully digitized industrial environment.

PROmanager and SMARTTOUCH are two softwares developed by TCI Cutting to configure a factory 4.0 with optimized production.


industria 4.0


Tools like the PROmanager make it possible for the companies to enter the industry 4.0 that is revolutionizing the industry reality.  This software brings together all the information that a company needs, from the employees, to the material processing, stocks and dispatch of those.

PROmanager digitally connects with all the elements of the company, collecting and sending data and information from them, achieving control and optimization of each of the processes. The final result will always be a greater profitability of the company.

This powerful software provides our customers with enough industrial data of their tasks to be able to make vital decisions and generate an optimal workflow. Multi-user and unlimited licenses, PROmanager allows full control of permissions and access to functions and sections of the program. Designed in a responsive web environment, it is accessible from all types of devices, smartphones and tablets.


With extensive experience in the manufacture of waterjet and laser cutting machines, the TCI Cutting engineers team has designed a new element to achieve total digitalization of the work environment. SMARTTOUCH is an agile and intuitive software that facilitates the staff operation during the manufacturing process and digitally connects with the rest of the company’s elements, collecting and sending data from the industrial processes.

The combination of our machines with these specialized software solutions enables digital manufacturing fully integrated into the innovations of the industry 4.0.

Industria 4.0

Digitally connected manufacturing is key to increasing the levels of productivity and efficiency, also achieving a completely transparent process since these digital automation solutions provides real time production information. All this provides our clients with the possibility of a tailor-made production, totally adapted and personalized. The software designed and created by TCI Cutting enables the production of individualized products lowering the costs and the delivery time, determining factors to maintain competitiveness.

Industrial production should inevitably adapt to the new Industry 4.0 reality, a production model in which all elements of the chain must be interconnected and communicated with each other. Precisely, the ability to store, process and exchange data is one of the keys of Industry 4.0. Internet and technological capabilities has made it possible for us to access more and more information,processing and sharing it at a tremendous speed. This has transformed the way we consume and relate.

Among the advantages of the manufacture digitization, it brings the ability to adapt to demand in a constant way, personalized service, one-to-one post-sales service, as well as designing, producing and selling products in less time or create shorter production series more profitable.