Smarttube: highest productivity in tube laser cutting

The Smarttube Fiber is one of the latest and most innovative cutting solutions of TCI Cutting. From the product launch in 2018, the tube laser cutting machine has become one of the company’s core business and one of the most required products by our customers.

Smarttube: Alta productividad en corte de tubo

This fiber laser tube cutting machine enables the processing of tubes with diameters from 20 mm to 220 mm as well as square tubes and profiles. Tubes and profiles are indispensable elements for services and frame constructions in many sectors. The five-axis cutting head of the TCI Cutting’s Smarttube Fiber opens a wide range of possibilities, suitable for both open and closed profiles cutting.

The processing of tubes by means of fiber lasers offers an important improvement in quality with a considerable cost reduction in a big variety of applications.

With the Smarttube laser tube cutting machine, all types of cuts can be done, whatever is the complexity. It also allows the processing of different materials, not affecting to the quality or the productivity. Materials like iron, stainless steel or aluminum can be easily handled by the Smarttube Fiber as well as highly reflective materials such as copper or brass.

TCI Cutting’s fiber laser tube cutting systems are one of the most versatile and flexible solutions in the market for different type of profiles, with manual, automatic and/or semi-automatic loading of tubes up to 6 meters (40kg / m), and CNC controlled unloading stations.

Smarttube: Alta productividad en corte de tubo

The Smarttube Fiber is available with 2D cutting head and 3D cutting head with 5 axes cutting, providing a high flexibility for all types of cuts and surfaces.

The cutting head combined with a powerful fiber laser source, provide a complete solution with very low power consumption and the best cutting quality available in the market.

Tubes are used in almost all sectors, from construction to furniture industry. Tube cutting with laser solutions has highly increased the options in the design stage, meaning a high demand of this technology in the last years. The edge quality and the cutting accuracy achieved are much better than the conventional tube cutting systems, which makes the Smarttube Fiber from TCI Cutting the most powerful tool for a big variety applications with shapes and details that previously were very difficult to reach.

Smarttube: Alta productividad en corte de tubo