Sealed ROFIN Resonator Laser, laser cutting machine of TCI Cutting

laser cutting machineThe laser cutting machine of low power from TCI Cutting, Smartline L-Power, integrates a sealed resonator from Rofin, Unbeatable experience with over 38.000 systems installed worldwide.
ROFIN manufactures a wide selection of CO2 lasers ranging, from fully sealed machines to multi-KW lasers, and with a choice of power output from 30 to 8.000 watts.
Whether for use in laser cutting machine, welding, structuring, perforating, drilling or marking. The ROFIN CO2 lasers are always the perfect choice. Their total reliability, low maintenance cost and excellent beam quality has made them an essential tool for today’s productivity of laser cutting machine.
The revolutionary principle of the SC series of laser cutting machine, with output ranging from 100 to 600 watts, completes the powerful CO2 laser range of ROFIN machines. The SC lasers are fully sealed, thus eliminating the need for gas recirculation equipment such as, vacuum pumps or pressure control systems. The interior gas only has to be changed every 16.000 hours, thus involving minimal cost. The full range of SC lasers is based on a unique design and the resonator, produces the laser light using lineal polarization.
Power and precision are the defining characteristics of the SC series with their generalized application. The lasers are light weight and extremely robust, so that it is very easy to integrate them with other mechanical equipment.
As an example, model SCX10 with a power of 100 W of laser cutting machine, it can cut up to 1 mm thickness of Steel and 0,5 mm of stainless steel. And the highest power, model SCX60 of 600W, it can cut up to 6 mm of steel and 4 mm of stainless steel.
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