Santa Bárbara manufactures tanks with one of our waterjet cutting machines


The arms company Santa Bárbara Sistemas will use one of our waterjet cutting machines to build the tanks for the British Army. The waterjet cutting machine acquired by the subsidiary in Spain of the US multinational General Dynamics is the waterjet BP-H model.

The BP-H waterjet cutting machine is meant for Fábrica de Armas de Trubia (Oviedo, Spain) the weapons factory that will perform the pre-production of tanks for the British Army. Santa Bárbara will build and assemble the first hundred tanks and then the production will be transferred to a factory General Dynamics has in South Wales.

The BP-H waterjet has been custom built to the customer needs. The flexibility and adaptability of our waterjet cutting machine is key to be competitive in the market. The BP-H waterjet in this configuration has a 3D cutting head and is cabined, which provides a clean working environment with less noise.

The BP-H Series waterjet is further characterized by having a maximum height regulation in its Z axis up to 500mm. The expansion possibilities to adapt the waterjet cutting machine to the customer´s needs are endless.

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