Open Days 2017 attendance success: More than 60 companies from 20 countries

More than 60 companies from 20 different countries, this is the final balance of attendance of the Open Days 2017 organized by TCI Cutting, which for two weeks (November 20 – December 4) welcomed companies from very diverse sectors at its headquarters in Guadassuar (Valencia), all interested in getting to know the latest technologies in the industrial cutting sector.

The high interest in attending the event required us to extend the Open Days with an additional day (Monday, December 4) in order to meet to all the needs of the visitors.

Another milestone achieved during these days has been the different agreements signed with the United States, Australia and Oman, which put the finishing touch to the Open Days 2017.

Introducing Smarttube, tube laser cutting machine

tube laser cutting machine SmarttubeDuring the two weeks of Open Days, customers attended the presentation of our new Smarttube tube laser cutting machine.

At TCI Cutting, we launched our new fiber laser tube cutting system, capable of processing tubes from ø20mm to ø220mm and square profiles, in addition to the possibility of cutting both closed and open profiles (using a 5X cutting head).

These options make this tube cutting system the most versatile and flexible machine on the market, capable of covering a wide range of profiles, with manual and / or semi-automatic loading of up to 6 meters (40 kg / m) and with the possibility of making a multiple unloading controlled from the CNC.

The performance of its heads and loaders added to the fiber laser cutting technology, offers a complete solution, with very low energy consumption, and the best cutting quality on the market.

Furthermore, the Smarttube Fiber allows the installation of 2D heads, with two axes cutting movement, as well as 3D heads with 5 axes cutting movement, thus obtaining great versatility for all types of cuts and finishes. The Smarttube Fiber also has two different types of material loading, automatic and semi-automatic.

Laser cutting machines + waterjet

The national and international visitors also received live demonstrations of some of our other outstanding machines:

  • Smartline Fiber fiber laser cutting machine
  • BP-H Z300 waterjet machine with 4 cutting heads
  • Combi Waterjet-Plasma machine
  • Mach Five Press brake

Smartline Fiber fiber laser cutting machine

fiber laser cutting machine Smartline Fiber

The Smartline Fiber is one of the most intelligent and compact fiber laser cutting machines on the market. With high performance and innovative design, this fiber laser cutting machine cuts thin sheets to perfection and can also be used in thicker cuts. In addition, its great energy efficiency guarantees a reduced electricity consumption.

Combi Waterjet-Plasma machine

waterjet plasma BP-H

The TCI Cutting team also showed customers and visitors how the advantages of waterjet and HD plasma can be combined in a single precision cutting machine. This combination of technologies increases the competitiveness of the machine by combining the versatility and quality of water cutting with the high speed and productivity characteristics of the plasma.

Mach Five Press brake

press brake Mach Five


The Mach Five press brake is a complementary element to industrial cutting processes. The TCI Cutting press brakes stand out for their mechanical characteristics, their precision and automation, features that enable complicated, unique or repetitive bending at high speed.

BP-H Z300 waterjet machine with 4 cutting heads

waterjet BP-H 4 cutting heads

The BP-H Z300 waterjet machine combines power, productivity and versatility. Its four 3-axis heads multiply production by six, increasing speed up to 50%. Also, the BP-H waterjet machine can also include 5-axis heads, an original and patented TCI Cutting innovation.

The greatest difficulty and main advantage of this waterjet machine lies in the inner heads. The use of one of the inner heads (the other 3 heads in parking position) allows a 4-meter range thanks to a bridge of almost 5’5 meters long.

Industry 4.0

All the machines of TCI Cutting are designed and manufactured so that they can integrate without difficulties in Industry 4.0 with the aim of achieving an intelligent production and adapted to the needs of our customers.


promanagerTCI Cutting’s commitment to Industry 4.0 has been one of the main items of the 2017 Open Days. With the help of a multi-screen panel wall, demonstrations were made of our production management software PROmanager, a perfect tool to manage manufacturing completely digitized

Besides the visits of owners and managers of various companies we also like to highlight the visit from the EDEM Business School, founded by Juan Roig. The students and heads of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Leadership toured our facilities and were able to validate TCI Cutting’s philosophy and work methodology: innovation, teamwork, personal attention and product and service adapted to the needs of the client.