New customer training area for Waterjet and Laser cutting machines

Training area for Waterjet and Laser cutting machines

TCI Cutting extended its facilities with a new customer training facility for its Waterjet and Laser cutting machines. In this area in our headquarters near Valencia, our specialists will train the technicians of our customers in the use of the Waterjet, Plasma or Laser cutting machines.

It is a new commitment to meet the demands and needs of our customers and to achieve excellence in our support. In TCI Cutting we believe that customer staff training is key requirement to achieve maximum performance with the cutting machines we design and build.

In our new training area, the TCI Cutting instructors train the customer staff in CAD/CAM software for the waterjet and laser cutting machines, as well all the basic principles of machine operation and maintenance. The new area at TCI Cutting is equipped with the latest equipment and includes various workstations to optimize the training results.

In addition, we can offer training programs for each of our cutting machines and also adapt the training course to the specific production needs of our customer. This is one of our added values, the ability to develop custom cutting machines, adapted to specific customer needs, no matter how complex they are.

The aim of TCI Cutting is not only to deliver a high quality cutting machines, but also provide its customers all necessary training needed to work with the machines in their company, with optimum quality and maximum productivity and efficiency.

TCI Cutting is the only Spanish company dedicated to the research, development and installation of Waterjet and Laser cutting machines. The precision water cutting technology developed by TCI is already used in the construction of the Airbus airplanes and the ships of Navantia, the leading Spanish company in the shipbuilding sector. But also in various other sectors such as automotive, construction and even food. Our cutting machines are capable of a waterjet three times faster than sound and a pressure of six thousand Bar and can use 3D cutting heads. Features that allow you to model any type of material with maximum precision and without error.

For more information about our training courses for our cutting machines, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: