Maintenance plan for cutting head in a laser cutting machine

laser cutting machineLet´s define the maintenance program required for a cutting head in a laser cutting machine. We will state the tasks that should be performed daily, weekly and yearly.
Starting with the daily maintenance, these works are useful as they help us to verify the progress of wearing of materials considered as consumables. First, we should check status of cutting head of the laser cutting machine, check status of nozzle, and replace it if necessary. Check if the lenses is dirty and, clean it or replace in case it´s necessary. At last, we should clean externally the cutting head of laser cutting machine.
About the weekly tasks on the maintenance of cutting head, first, it should be checked, and replace it if necessary, the protection window at the bottom. Clean the external surface of the cutting head of laser cutting machine. Check all gas connections, compressed air and water, where all must be connected and correctly adjusted. Check all connections of cable and secure that all cables are correctly connected. At last, check the correct connection of laser cable.
As annually tasks, theoretically there should be replaced all optical components, and release all general checks of the laser cutting machine. As a practical rule, only in the case the efficiency of cutting has decreased, and therefore the operator consider it necessary, there will be mandatory to be replaced the optical components.
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