Mach press brakes, the perfect addition to the laser cutting machines

Combining innovation and experience, TCI Cutting has designed the MACH press brake and introduced them to the market. The line of industrial press brakes complements and increase the efficiency of our laser cutting machines.

The MACH press brakes perfectly adjust to the laser cutting machine, achieving complicated, unique or repetitive folds at high speed. They are manufactured and designed for expert bending with their mechanical characteristics, their precision and automation.

As with our laser cutting machines, design innovations, the latest technologies and the best materials are combined in the manufacturing of the MACH press brakes. Both the bending machines and the laser cutting machines are prepared prevent deviations even with continuous use and the passage of time.

Following the technological philosophy of our laser cutting machines, the TCI Cutting press brakes incorporate all the necessary equipment to give them greater flexibility and speed. Features that, together with an easy to use CNC and low maintenance costs, will result in increased productivity of the laser cutting machines while minimizing costs.

Like the laser cutting machines, the MACH press brake incorporates an easy to use control panel for the operator. The control of all the systems is done by the CNC, allowing a maximum level of precision and automation.

The press brakes are available with a different number of axes (from 3 to 8 or more if required), depending on the application. They also incorporate interesting options such as pneumatic or hydraulic locking (Promecam or WILA), as well as active compensation systems “clever crowning”, angle control (including correction), and sheet following systems.

The biggest advantage of the MACH press brakes is the energy saving, as it includes a reduced power consumption of up to 55% thanks to its independent double hydraulic circuit (Y-axis).

mach press brakes, laser cutting machines