We increase the speed of our fiber laser cutting machines with the Speedline

fiber laser cutting machines with the Speedline

After the successful introduction of our fiber laser cutting machines, TCI Cutting has gone a step further and increased the cutting speed with our new model Speedline Fiber, one of the most important advances in cutting technology.

In addition to the speed and quality of laser cutting, the fiber laser cutting machines add greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. The combination of both aspects of the cutting machine results in a lower carbon footprint, making them more environmentally friendly.

TCI Cutting is now able to offer two models of fiber laser cutting machines: The Smartline Fiber and the Speedline Fiber, which adds faster cutting.

Both series of fiber laser cutting machines offer an unrivaled high parts production and excellent cutting quality for fine and medium sheet thickness. Their high energy efficiency ensures a very low consumption of electricity. Our fiber laser cutting machines are available in powers from 1.000W to 6.000W.

In addition, to increase the efficiency in the laser cutting processes, TCI Cutting has also designed and launched MACH, our own line of Press Brakes.

The Mach Five Press Brakes are designed and manufactured for bending experts with high end mechanical characteristics, accuracy and automation. They are perfect for complicated, unique or repetitive bends at high speed.

For more information about our cutting machines and press brakes, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: contact@tcicutting.com