Dynamicline Fiber, the TCI Cutting machine that will revolutionize the fiber laser market.



Power, high productivity and efficiency are the features that best summarize the characteristics of Dynamicline Fiber, the new fiber laser cutting machine designed and manufactured by TCI Cutting.

The power of the Dynamicline Fiber with fiber laser technology combines perfectly with the electrical efficiency and high productivity generated by its 3G acceleration. The different models of this machine reach 12 kilowatts cutting power. Its design includes linear motors and a cutting possibility of up to 30 millimeters thick, as well as a high positioning accuracy of 3 microns. Travel speeds of up to 340m/min guarantee the highest productivity for the most demanding customers.

The TCI Cuttin engineers team have managed to combine laser power, cutting speed and energy savings in the same cutting system. For the first time, a precision laser cutting machine combines high performance to produce the most complex jobs and the latest innovative cutting options: automatic nozzle change and artificial vision camera.




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